Professor: Andrea Zucco – 6 sessions
Visiting Professor: Stefano Canuti - 2 sessions dates to be defined
During the year will take place a masterclass of Prof. Malte Refardt of the Folkwang Universität - Essen (Germany) in the frame of Erasmus+ Programme (to be confirmed)

Programme: Solo, chamber and orchestra repertoire with particular focus on audition and competi-tion preparation.
At the professor’s discretion, the best students may be chosen to hold recitals during the year.

Admission requirements: Two pieces of contrasting styles of the candidate’s choosing
The course will be activated if a minimum number of students is reached
The course is for musicians who have obtained the Old Order Degree or AFAM 1st level degree, but in cases of preco-cious talent, students not yet in possession of the aforementioned qualifications could also be admitted.

Visiting professor’s masterclass is free for students of the course and open to external students subject to availability
Fees for external students’ masterclass: € 180.00 included registration fee
Masterclass fee for auditors: € 50.00
Application deadline: to be defined


More information and enrolment