Federico Maria Sardelli transverse flute, orchestra direction
François De Rudder Baroque bassoon and dulciana
Paolo Cantamessa Baroque violin
Bettina Hoffmann Baroque cello
Giulia Nuti Harpsichord
Gian Luca Lastraioli Theorbo, lute, Baroque guitar and continuos
Silvia Vajente Baroque voice

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Programme: The course offers to advanced musicians practical and theoretical study of Baroque performance practice, providing them with the basis for making historically adequate choices and translating them into musical practice. The course will consist of instrument or voice lessons, ensemble lessons and theoretical and historical study in parallel work.

Admission: The entrance exam is waived for those who have graduated with a Conservatory Diploma (old system) or a First-Level Bachelor Degree (new system) in their respective modern instrument (modern transverse flute for Baroque transverse flute, bassoon for Baroque bassoon and dulciana, violin for Baroque violin, cello for Baroque cello, piano or organ for harpsichord, guitar for Baroque guitar, Baroque lute and theorbo, voice for Baroque voice, any Conservatory discipline for Baroque orchestra direction). Those who have not received the above-mentioned diploma/degree must take the entrance exam during which the candidate must demonstrate a comparable level of technical and musical ability by performing a programme of his/her choice of maximum 20 minutes.

Final Exam: The course lasts two years and ends with a final exam which consists of performances of pieces from both the 17th and 18th centuries, an extemporaneous ornamentation exercise, and an oral exam on theoretical material covered during the course. Download the detailed final exam information HERE. In order to take part in the final exam the student must attend a minimum of 80% of the lessons. Upon successful completion of the exam the Scuola di Musica di Fiesole will issue a certificate verifying successful completion of the course.


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