From Baroque onward until the contemporaneity : techniques, styles, languages and interpretation
Paolo Bonomini – 4 sessions (2 lessons a month) Baroque and classic period, orchestral excerpts, audition training
Francesco Dillon – 4 sessions (2 lessons a month) Romanticism, Historical ‘900 and contemporary repertoire

 Programme: Aspects of the interpretative process will be explored such as:
- search for a personal and original reading through a rigorous and informed approach to the text
- Bow technique: speed, density, distribution, imagination and sound range expansion
- Eloquence and rhetoric: search for singing and articulation of the voice
Admission requirements:
- a movement by candidate’s choice of a Bach
- a Study (Popper, Piatti, Servais) or a virtuosistic piece that shows the technical level of the candidate.
- First movement of a concert or sonata by the candidate’s choice

Auditors admitted