From Baroque onward until the contemporaneity : techniques, styles, languages and interpretation
Paolo Bonomini – 4 sessions (2 lessons a month) + 1 session together with M° Dillon
Francesco Dillon – 4 sessions (2 lessons a month) + 1 session together with M° Bonomini

The annual post graduate cello course proposes an educational path of exellence for young cello players who who wish to increase their instrumental and musical preparation and knowledge of cello literature under the guidance of important musicians.
Numerous performance occasions allow for the students in the post graduate course to “test” their preparation during public concerts, the participation of which is considered an integral part of the educational path.

An internal competition (april-may) will offer scholarships to most deserving students.

L’eccellente qualità formativa del Corso di Perfezionamento di violoncello determina ottime opportunità lavorative in campo musicale per i giovani violoncellisti talentuosi e appassionati, contribuendo ad avviarli verso attività professionali di alto livello.

The excellent educational quality of the cello post graduate course creates excellent job opportunities in the field of music for talented and passionate young cello players, helping them to move towards high-level professional activities.


Programme: Aspects of the interpretative process will be deepened such as:
- research for a personal and original reading by the strict approach to the text.
- Bow techinque: speed, density, distribution, expansion of the imagination and sound range.
- Eloquence and rhetoric: search for singing but also for the infinite articulations of the word.
At the professor’s discretion, the best students may be chosen to hold recitals during the year.

Admission Requirements:
- a movement from a Bach Suite;
- a study (Popper, Piatti, Servais) or a virtuosistic piece which shows the candidate’s technical level;
- First movement of a concert or sonata by the candidate’s choice

The course is for musicians who have obtained the Old Order Degree or AFAM 1st level degree, but in cases of precocious talent, students not yet in possession of the aforementioned qualifications could also be admitted.

The course will be activated if a minimum number of students is reached.

Auditors admitted compatibly with the availability of rooms due to anti-contagion measures.

Pianist: Aglaia Tarantino



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