The academic course for jazz clarinet affords young musicians the attainment of a 1st Level Academic Diploma in the Artistic and Musical Higher Education (AFAM) system, equivalent to a three-year university diploma.

The study plan is structured in such a way to prepare young jazz musicians to acquire a mature artistic awareness, a comprehensive knowledge of the compositional and analytical models within the musical language, as well as an adequate technique of postural and emotional control. 

During the Triennio, the jazz clarinetists will progressively acquire more and greater competences, relative to the instrument’s most representative repertoire and improvisation in solo and ensemble work, with the aim of developing the student’s ability to interact within differently constituted musical groups.

At the end of the course of studies to receive the First Level Academic Diploma in Jazz Clarinet, the students must have acquired the technical knowledge and the artistic skills necessary to allow them to concretely realize their own artistic ideas. 

These goals are achieved thanks to the development of the perceptive skills of the ear, of memorization and the acquisition of specific skills relative to organizational, compositional and analytical models in music and their interaction.

Numerous performance occasions allow for the students in the advanced courses to “test” their preparation during a public concert, the participation of which is considered an integral part of the educational path.

Included among the educational goals of the advanced courses are honing relevant skills in an improvisational setting, in the digital music sector and  with a secondary common language.

The educational path benefits from the possibility of participating in the Erasmus+ program, allotting students some periods to study abroad while taking advantage of prestigious foreign professors’ presence at the School, for whom the same formula is applied.



The course offers the student the possibility to be hired in the following settings: 
- Jazz and Pop solo instrumentalist
- Jazz and Pop group instrumentalist
- Jazz and Pop orchestral instrumentalist


The jazz clarinet academic course is authorized by the Ministry of Instruction, University and Research with the Ministerial Decree (D.M.) n.685 from 05/08/2013 (LINK) and with the Ministerial Decree  D.M. n. 685 from 09/08/2017 n.613 (LINK) and D.M. 10.04.2018 n. 278 (LINK).