The academic course for Assistant Director affords young musicians the attainment of a 1st Level Academic Diploma in the Artistic and Musical Higher Education (AFAM) system, equivalent to a three-year university diploma.


The educational path benefits from the possibility of participating in the Erasmus+ program, allotting students some periods to study abroad while taking advantage of prestigious foreign professors’ presence at the School, for whom the same formula is applied.

During the Triennio the young musicians acquire the technical skills, the cultural preparation and a critical knowledge adequate enough to cover the delicate role of Assistant Director.

Great importance is given to the methodologies relative to piano accompaniment and to harmonizing vocal parts, sight reading, directing techniques and the basso continuo practice.

Such objectives require a conspicuous internship activity and a detailed study of the historical, stylistic and aesthetic aspects of the language of the various epochs, with particular reference to musical theatre.

Included among the educational goals of the advanced courses are honing relevant skills with a secondary common language.



The course offers the student the possibility to be hired in the following settings:
- Piano accompanist for vocal repertoire, lyric and chamber
- Piano collaborator for instrumental repertoire
- All of the professional figures anticipated in the lists of the Lyrical-Symphonic Foundations and disciplines relative to the CCNL: additional stage director and hall director, lighting director, choral director assistant, stage director collaborator, advisor to the director, collaborating hall director.
The Assistant Director academic course is authorized by the Ministry of Instruction, University and Research with the Ministerial Decree (D.M.) n.685 from 05/08/2013 (LINK) and with the Ministerial Decree  D.M. n. 685 from 09/08/2017 n.613 (LINK) and D.M. 10.04.2018 n. 278 (LINK).