All enrolment requests will be accepted in order of arrival until all maximum capacity has been reached.
· For candidates with prior musical knowledge, an instrumental audition with a programme chosen by the candidate is required for the sole purpose of identifying the applicant’s level. For young children this may be done in the presence of a family member.
· For those candidates who have not yet started studying an instrument, the entrance exam consists of an interview. Admissions will take place by the end of September, with a panel of SMF professors.
· The admissions calendar is posted on the School website here: The School will not send this information to the candidates; it is the candidate’s responsibility to verify the dates by consulting the website.
·All students admitted to pre-academic courses will be invited to participate in an orientation meeting with the teacher of reference of the pre-academic courses and the School Office, during which the course curriculum and the annual organization of the courses will be illustrated.
· With regard to the complementary subjects included in curriculum, ONLINE registration must be completed for SOLFEGGIO and COMPLEMENTARY PIANO only. For all other complementary courses it is sufficient to attend class on the first day of lessons as indicated in the following file. Pre-academic complementary subjects and bachelor degree disciplines, found here: