Born in Siracusa, Italy, in 1978, Antonino Siringo graduated from the Conservatory of Firenze at the age of nineteen with the maximum of votes and honorable mention.

The numerous national and international piano competitions he won beginning at the age of twelve, his career as soloist and as collaborator with various chamber orchestra, progressed hand in hand with a meticulous study allowing him to arrive at a thorough understanding of the repertoire of the nineteenth century, and to develop a profoundly personal interpretive vision. From 1998 to 2000 he composed works for theatreand ballet, collaborating with the Florence Dance Festival of Marga Nativo and Keith Ferrone. In 2003 his interest for contemporary music and for improvisation became a conscious choice. His classical basis was consolidated earlier at courses of the Orchestra Giovanile Italiana at Fiesole, and later, at the Masterclasses of the Academy Chigiana, where he earned the Diploma of Merit in the class of Master J. Achucarro. At the same time he participates in the Siena Jazz Seminars, under the guidance of Stefano Battaglia, Franco D’Andrea, Bruno Tommaso.
The engagements with contemporary music begin in 2004, when, for the Estate Fiesolana, he performed for the first time ever Massimo Munari’s concert for pianoforte ‘Rumor Nero’.
In 2006 and 2007, with the OGI’s Ensemble Contemporaneo, he took part in the Music & Culture concerts of Florence dedicated to the work of composers-guests Francesconi, Arcà, Boccadoro, Guarnieri, Franceschini and Portera who later dedicated the piano piece to him. Antonino’s Schizophrenyc Monologue. With the Orchestra Sinfonica Nazionale della RAI of Turin he collaborates on the recording of the works by Salvatore Sciarrino and Alessandro Solbiati as well as numerous other productions of the same orchestra, in Italy and abroad, under the direction of L. Foster, R. De Burgos, M. Chung, D. Kawka, Asbury, G. Noseda, W. Marshall, M. Albrecht, W. Eddins and many others.
In 2008 he recorded the soundtrack to Paolo Benvenuti’s film ‘Puccini e la Fanciulla,’ which was presented at the 65th Venice Film Festival. In 2016, he recorded the soundtrack of the Algerian film “Augustine”, presented at the 50th Carthage Film Festival, directed by Samir Seif, with music by Salim Dada.
The interest in contemporary music grows in step with that for improvisation and jazz, to which Antonino Siringo, after the courses of Siena Jazz, approaches completely independent and self-taught. In 2007 is a first project, Lennie’s Pennies, dedicated to Lennie Tristano. In 2009 he won the “LucaFlores” competition and performed at the Serravalle Jazz
Festival, the Padova Jazz Festival, the Metastasio Jazz, and the Musicus Concentus.
From 2011, and for the following three years, he collaborates with the actress Maria Cassi as pianist, composer and arranger. In particular, the show “My life with men and other animals”, directed by Peter Schneider, has long been replicated in Italy and Europe. With the same Maria Cassi records two records and returns to collaborate, in 2018, as arranger and performer in the show “Cinemaria”.
In 2015 the production of the show “La Follia” calls him, with Mario Ancillotti and Claude Hauri, alongside the actress Maddalena Crippa for a reading dedicated to Alda Merini. The show is still on tour.
From 2010 work on improvisation and collaborations in this direction intensified: Marcello Magliocchi, Guy-Frank Pellerin, Jean-Michel Van Schouburg, Pat Moonchy, Roberto Del Piano, Nicola Guazzaloca, Matthias Boss, Maresuke Okamoto and Cinzia Fiaschi, painter with which he develops a project dedicated to the instant composition. In the same year he started his teaching activity for the Fiesole School of Music where he began teaching piano and Lettura della Partitura, and where, in 2017, he opened theepartment of Jazz Music and Improvisation Techniques.Record projects in his name:
The Wondrous World of Tala (2010) with Filippo Pedol (double bass), Papi Thiam (percussion), Andrea Melani (drums) - E.I.

YekNur in Cosm(o)ethic Jazz piano solo (2015) - E.I. Smalldisc (2015) with Marcello Magliocchi (percussion) - E.I.

It Does not Work in a Car (2018) with Guy-Frank Pellerin (saxophones) - Ed. Setola di Maiale.

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