Teacher: Bruno Delepelaire – 3 sessions

Admission requirements: Candidates will present a program which will forsee:
- a romantic piece (movement of a concerto or sonata or anything else)
- a piece for solo cello from the 20th century or later
- a movement of a Boccherini sonata

At the professor’s discretion, the best students may be chosen to hold recitals during the year.
The course will take place only if the minimum number of students required is reached.

Exam: 2018 December 17th at 9.00 a.m

Lessons: 3 sessions according to a schedule established by the professor.
2018 December 17th -19th
2019 February 8th -10th
2019 April 22nd -24th

Fees: Individual course registration fee (non-refundable, to be enclosed with the application form) valid also as auditor’s attendance fee: € 100,00.
Individual attendance fee (to be paid within 15th December): € 1100,00. 


Piano accompanist: to be defined

Application deadline: 2018 December 5th

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