This course is for young people who demonstrate the qualities and predisposition necessary for vocal study,  who may also be candidates for further study. The four-year course is a prerequisite for admission to either the Renaissance and Baroque Voice course or the Voice/Opera course. Admission to the course includes mandatory attendance of the following classes:

• Voice (weekly individual lesson)
• Sight reading (solfège – weekly group lesson)
• Piano (weekly individual lesson)
• Choir (Choral activities: labs, Schola cantorum  and/or special projects )
• Stagecraft (weekly group lessons from year II)
• Chamber music projects (10 hours per year from year III)
• Music History (biweekly group lessons from year III)
• Harmony (biweekly group lessons from year III)


5 x 1000

IO CI METTO LA FIRMA. Sostieni con noi i progetti gratuiti dedicati ai bambini.

Anche grazie al 5 x 1000 potremo continuare a realizzare i progetti didattici per i bambini che...

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