The classes in guitar offers children and adolescents an educational path initially based on fun and play and made to favour listening, coordination and imitation, by way of shared lessons in small homogenous groups and divided by age (3/4 children) offered by DEMIA (Department of Musical Education for children and adolescents) as well as through individual lessons following a more traditional approach to the instrument.

 From the very beginning the educational path connotes musical experience as a shared activity, thanks to choral studies and participation in small guitar ensembles.

The progressive incrementing of skills permits the deeper study of the technical aspects from the bottom (setting, touch, sound control) to more advanced abilities, which will permit the students to continue on their path via specific formative modules. These are represented by the basic, medium and advanced levels. Each one of these levels prescribes, aside from the individual instrumental lessons, the attendance of relative complementary courses, and concludes with a certificate exam.

It is furthermore possible to receive instrumental lessons with a curricular structure in a open course, of which there are no planned exams.

The School considers students’ participation in concerts, recitals and planned initiatives to be an integral part of the educational course.
To allow a more natural approach to the instrument, attendance in the propaedeutic courses in music is advised for children aged 0-5 years with the Gordon Method and in choral-rhythmic activities  targeted towards children between 3 and 9 years old.


Guitar Course Program

Guitar Study Plan


Complementary Material
Harmony Course Program 
Complementary Piano Course Program
Theory and Solfege Course Program 
Music History Course Program 
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