The saxophone class offers an educational course of studies aimed toward helping students open their minds and absorb as much as they possibly can from what music offers as a cultural heritage and emotional stimulus. 

A fundamental part, and from the very beginning of the musical course of studies, is the involvement of students placed together, to generate indispensable stimuli in the educational activities.

Starting with GIOCOSAX, a team-conceived method aimed toward children from preschool ages up to elementary school.

The use of a “miniature” saxophone is the reason why the soprano saxophone is employed, because of its dimensions and its resemblance of a game, with which the children will get to know the instrument and make it speak, working as well on rhythm on the same instrument.

In this phase and age range, the students experiment and use a system of “open” lessons, individuating pairs of young saxophonists who can “play” together, because playing together is more fun and efficacious in the learning process..

The educational course of studies continues with the goal of graduating to educational models divided into BASIC, MEDIUM and ADVANCED levels, with the successive passing of each certification exam and the attendance of the complementary material courses present in the Study Plan. 

The focal point of the saxophone class is the intense ensemble activity, which prescribes the study and involvement of the students in the main requisite formations from the saxophone repertoire that go from duo to trio, from quartet to a classical ensemble, with the possibility of facing the repertoire from small mixed formations in which the saxophone is an integrated part with the other instruments.

Years of intense musical research and activities has aided in discovering and experimenting with various efficacious educational models for the various age groups, allowing everyone to participate in musical interventions, inserted in different types of live musical productions. Thanks to this dedicated study, three stable ensembles have been formed:

-POLLICINI: from the smallest participants up to the 4th/5th year in Elementary School

-MIKROKOSMOS: from the 1st year of Middle School up to High School (Liceo) 

-EOS SAXOPHONE PROJECT: High School (liceo), three year bachelor degree and professors

The saxophone lessons can also be given within the framework of open course, in which no verification or end of year exams are prescribed. 


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