The members of the Orchestra dei Ragazzi are students of the Pre-Academic Courses (strings, winds, percussion, keyboards) aged between 11 and 20. Participation in the course is subject to the student’s instrumental skill level and requires compulsory attendance until the third year of the advanced level, during which students will be engaged for only two productions.

The purpose of the Orchestra dei Ragazzi is to develop the ability to make music with others, within a proper symphony orchestra. 

The requirements for entry in the Orchestra dei Ragazzi are:  
- Winds: good intonation and rhythmic sense;

- Percussion: sense of rhythm and good knowledge of the various instruments;

- Strings: a good command of the first three positions, good intonation and rhythmic sense.  


Orchestra dei Ragazzi lessons include one weekly rehearsal for the entire orchestra (Saturday afternoon or Sunday morning) and one monthly rehearsal of individual sections. The Orchestra dei Ragazzi is also open to external students following a placement test. The requirements remain the same as those for internal students.  The selection of soloists for the Orchestra dei Ragazzi is determined by audition or made directly by the Conductor-Professor.