Born in 2008 to welcome young violinists and cellists enrolled in their second year of instrumental studies at the School. From 2015 pianists have entered into the formation, thanks to the project “Young Pianists in Orchestra”, conducted by Pianist Katja Todorow. Recently the Harp has also been added to the ensemble.

The fundamental intent of the Orchestra is to develop three areas of skills for students: musical-instrumental, personal and social interrelationship. As such, the Orchestra represents a laboratory: elaborating pieces through singing, gestures, rhythm, memorization and successively applying everything to the instrument. The repertoire, chosen and adapted by the professors, is derived from the most notable instrumental educational methodologies for young students. An important part of the work will be the concentration of acquiring easy rhythms and bow strokes through the study of scales and various techniques that is always performed in group.

Regular group teaching accompanies and supports the individual instrumental course of study; being in the Orchestra enriches the expressive language of these correlated courses of study.

The course structure is as follows:
· one weekly lesson of 60 minutes from October to June
· open concerts and lessons based on the program schedule of the Scuola di Musica di Fiesole
· one concert-lesson at a kindergarten in the Florence area.

Participation in the Piccolissimi Musici Orchestra is also open to external students of the School, limited only to string instruments (violin and cello), based on the availability of places in the course and a preliminary meeting with the professors.
Course reserved for novice children between 5 and 10 years old

Marina Raimondi, violin
Valeria Brunelli, cello
Katja Todorow project Young Pianists in Orchestra