Fabio Lombardo studied composition, analysis, electronic music, voice and choir conducting in Florence, Paris, Arezzo and Siena. In 1982 he founded "L'Homme Armè", a group that is mainly dedicated to the execution of Renaissance, Baroque and contemporary music. In 1987, at the invitation of Piero Farulli he founded the Schola Cantorum "Francesco Landini" of the Fiesole Music School.

He performs regular concert activities with these groups. At the head of the "F. Coradini" Polyphonic Group of Arezzo, of which he was director from 1986 to 1998, he won the first prize at the 44th International Competition of Llangollen (Great Britain) in 1990 (first Italian choir to win the category ' polyphony for mixed choirs' in over 40 editions). He has several recordings of Renaissance music (Cristophorus, Tactus, ARTS, Dynamic). After years of execution, research and teaching, he devotes increasing attention to the relationship between ancient and contemporary music, also conceiving innovative projects such as "Missa Ockeghem". He has held courses and seminars at various Italian and foreign institutions and currently teaches Musical analysis and Choir conducting at the La Spezia Conservatory.