After graduating in double bass, he devoted himself to the study of the Viola da Gamba and to performance practice on historical instruments at the Koninklijik Conservatorium Brussels , attending the advanced course in the Historical Instruments department.

Professors: Wieland Kuijken (Viola da Gamba), Erman Stinders (Chamber music), Peter Van Heyghen ( Aesthetics and philosophy of baroque music), Karl Moens (organology and iconology) and the seminars held as part of the teaching activity of the conservatory, from the greatest luminaries of early music: Gustav Leonhard, Renè Jacobs, Phlippe Herreweghe, Bartold Kuijken, Jos Van Immerseel, Erik Van Nevel.In the academic year 1996/1997, he graduated with the superior level diploma and then the equivalent Italian qualification with full marks.
His concert performances follow the great Baroque repertoire, he also dedicates himself to the Medieval and Renaissance repertoire using a large variety of bowed instruments, such as the Vihuela de Arco, the Viola Bastarda, the Viella, etc. Thanks to the organological and instrument making knowledge acquired in the courses held by Karl Moens (director of the Museum of Musical Instruments in Brussels), many of the instruments he uses are designed and built by himself, the result of careful research aimed at ensuring the maximum morphological , constructive and philological fidelity.
He has performed in numerous countries: the United States, France, Belgium, Holland, Germany, Spain, Portugal, Russia, Slovenia, Switzerland, Croatia, Bosnia, the Czech Republic, Luxembourg, Albania, Macedonia. And in prestigious festivals, such as: Flanders Festival, Ticino Festival, Umbrian Music Festival, Macerata Opera Festival, Cantar di Pietre Festival, Festival of Nations, Mi-To Milano-Torino Music Festival, Stradivari Festival, Malatesta Music Festival etc. He has collaborated with musicians and ensembles, such as: Wieland Kuijken, Philippe Pierlot, Peter Van Heyghen, Erik Van Nevel, Renè Van Lake, Liuwe Tamminga, Sigrun Ricter, Capilla Flamenca, Salon des Musiques, La Pifaresca, More Antiquo, etc. 
He has recorded over 30 CDs as a soloist and in chamber ensembles for: ORF, Brilliant Classic, Tactus, Gam Ut, Bongiovanni, Discovery Label, RSI, Urania Records.
He has been professor of Viola da Gamba at the F. Morlacchi Conservatory of Perugia, S.I.F.D. of Bologna, Resonars Academy of Ancient Arts of Assisi.
Since 2012 he is professor of violin making and organology at the Giovagnoli Artistic Lyceum of Sansepolcro.