Matteo Zetti was born in Florence in 1986.
Composer and musician is mainly dedicated to the contemporary and experimental classical sector. Always fascinated by pop music, he studies singing, electronics and guitar, composes soundtracks, music for advertising, for theatrical performances, for concerts and various events.

He graduated in psychological sciences and techniques at the University of Florence and then specialized in Psychobiology, Music Therapy and Marketing Psychology.
Since 2013 he has been responsible for the artistic and therapeutic training courses at the Fibrarte cultural association in Florence, of which he is one of the founding members. In November 2015 he filed a design patent for specific musical instruments for musical propaedeutics and music therapy.
Since 2017 he has participated in the IN - ORCHESTRA, Inclusive Symphony Orchestra of Tuscany by attending in parallel the first level Master of Master for expert in orchestral music therapy and inclusive education.
He has followed various High Perfection Masterclasses held by famous composers such as Fabio Vacchi and Andrea Portera with whom he still perfects himself.
His scores are published by the "Sconfinarte" publishing house in Milan.
He currently teaches Anthropology of music at the three-year composition course, Creative composition at the Music School of Fiesole and Guitar at the Victor Hugo School. It is also part of the research and development department at the Music school of Fiesole, and is among the referents for the design and directs and collaborates in the implementation of some important projects such as the Art and Art project, the In Orchestra project and the StudioStipo project.