Niccolò Nardoianni was born in Arezzo in 1987, he started his piano studies at the age of seven with Fabio Bidini. He continued his studies with Alessandro Tricomi and then he studied with Daniel Rivera at Conservatorio Mascagni in Livorno where he graduated with high distinction and cum laude in 2009.

He subsequently improved his skills under the guidance of various pianists: Piotr Lachert, Ivan Collini, Jeffrey Swan and Piernarciso Masi.
He has participated in several piano competitions and has won national and international awards.
In 2012 he started to study as a piano collaborator at Accademia Spazio Musica in Florence with conductor Daniele Agiman and soprano Gabriella Ravazzi. In 2013 he won a full study grant for taking part in the course of piano collaborator organized in Busseto to celebrate Verdi’s bicentenary and worked as a repetiteur and stage director for the production of the opera Luisa Miller and was directed by baritone Leo Nucci and conductor Donato Renzetti , the opera was performed in Busseto, Piacenza, Ferrara and Ravenna.
In 2014 he won a full study grant for the course of Piano accompanist at “Accademia di bel canto Cubec” in Modena and studied under the guidance of soprano Mirella Freni and pianist Paola Molinari and at the same time he consolidated his skills at Regia Accademia Filarmonica in Bologna working with internationally renowned soloists and chamber musicians like Giuseppe fausto Modugno, Francesco Cipolletta, Maurizio Baglini, Silvia Chiesa, and Quartetto di Cremona.
From 2016 to 2018 he worked as a Chamber Music teacher at Liceo Musicale Petrarca in Arezzo. Since 2018 he has worked as a piano accompanist and as a teacher of vocal repertoire at Casa della Musica di Fiesole in Arezzo and as a piano accompanist for dance at Liceo Coreutico in Arezzo.