To uphold the value of music as an integral part of culture
To spread the love of music as an active practice in society
To uphold the value of music as a factor in social and individual growth and as a stimulus for intelligence, creativity and responsibility
To support musical education in schools from an early age
To share the results of our experiences with the community
To favour methodical and lasting activities over short-term projects
To enrich ensemble education by working with renowned professionals
To develop performance experience which is both a fundamental element of education and training, as well as a public service



As per Art. 2 of the Statutes of the Scuola di Musica di Fiesole Foundation
1.The Foundation is dedicated to the promotion of the art and culture of music in every sector and by any means. In particular, the Foundation aims to:
a) Continue the existence and activity of the Scuola di Musica di Fiesole, already established as an Association operating in fact since 1974 on the initiative of Maestro Piero Farulli and other musicians and music lovers, with the collaboration of the Municipality of Fiesole and the local Municipal Philharmonic Society, preserving its traditions, respecting the high quality level, especially taking into consideration the basic musical, vocal and instrumental education of the citizens, without any distinction, including nationality. The activity of vocal and instrumental instruction shall be carried out through courses of various levels, depending on the needs and financial resources of the Foundation.
b) Promote studies at European level, meetings with cultural and art personalities, conferences, public events and any other useful initiative to spread the musical culture and promote the relationship between music and other cultural disciplines.
c) Develop highly-qualified professional training activities for the preparation of specialized musicians for teaching, concert and orchestral activities, thus proposing themselves as a European center for the active promotion of musical experimentation also in collaboration with the Ministry of Education and institutions European and international high musical education, with similar characteristics.
d) Promote the formation of a voice center, with particular regard to phonology on a medical-scientific basis, to acquire knowledge of all chamber and opera repertoire, especially in Italian, French and German.
e) To collaborate, for the attainment of the aforementioned purposes, with other similar cultural organizations, bodies and institutions, also offering its own activities for the realization of the same purposes when requested by public bodies and universities with particular regard to those of European level.
f) Continue the activity of the Committee for the Orchestra Giovanile Italiana.
2. Furthermore the Foundation proposes to promote and carry out all activities and services which, with regards to specific and contingent needs and availability, will be complementary and supportive, and therefore directly connected, with its own institutional activities. In other words they will constitute the adaptation, or rather an alternative method of implementation, of the same institutional activity as outlined and identified above.

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