Anna Ravoni
Sindaco di Fiesole

Born in Borgo San Lorenzo, Italy, in 1959, Anna Ravoni has always lived in Fiesole, city which she serves as Mayor since 2014. As Mayor of the City of Fiesole she acquires, as decreed in the Statutes of the Fondazione Scuola di Musica di Fiesole, the Presidency of its Board of Directors. Anna Ravoni has chosen to participate actively in the life of the institution, instead of delegating this role, to which she contributes with her own political and business experience.

Ravoni completed her studies at the Antonio Genovesi Technical Institute of Florence, obtaining the title of accountant and commercial expert. She is quite active with various associations and as a volunteer. She has also acquired considerable experience in the fields of corporate business as well as private non-profit companies, which she puts to use as owner of an accounting firm.